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Now that production of the Land Rover has finally ceased, there is a gap in the UK market which we feel needs filling.  We would like to introduce you to the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series. 


The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series has proved itself in the tough terrains of Africa, Asia and Australasia where it is universally regarded as the vehicle of choice where extreme off road ability, rugged build and reliability are critical.


Maintenance is very straighforward. From routine servicing to a full engine rebuild this can be handled with a basic set of tools.  Having no ECU makes this the ultimate expedition vehicle as all work can be carried out in the field without need for any special tools or diagnostic equipment. Even tyre changing is a simple "do it yourself anywhere" operation thanks to the split rim wheels.


Over the past twenty years we have been supplying these amazing vehicles globally to a diverse range of customers including Mining Companies, Humanitarian Organisations, the United Nations, Government Departments and on occasions UK individuals looking for the ultimate Expedition vehicle.  


We are now planning to retail these excellent vehicles in limited numbers in the UK.  They will be all left hand drive only but we are offering a RHD conversion kit which thanks to the design of the vehicle is a straightforward task that can be safely carried out by any competant workshop. We have  workshops we can reccommend who will complete the conversion safely for a very modest fee.


Why not contact us - you too could own what many consider to be the World's best 4x4. The cost of these vehicles too will come as a pleasant surprise!

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